Fancy game icons

If you like large icons for your old games, you can get hundreds here.

Ambermoon english manual

Approximate reconstruction of this classic RPG's EN manual,
using a german scan and english text-only file.

Game Guides

Diablo II Arreat Summit PDF

The vast majority of the official D2 info source, in PDF form and with some additions where AS keeps being cryptic. 382 pages in total, almost all images used only to fill unusable space.
It has both advantages and disadvantages compared to the web version. Obviously great for internet-less LAN parties and such.
I wasn't originally going to convert everything, but in the end I almost did. The only part missing are some monster stats, but levels, HP, experience and resistances are all there.

Perihelion Guide

My guide to the old Amiga post-apocalyptic RPG. Despite its age and the otherwise unknown Hungarian dev team, you will hardly find a better cosmic horror sci-fi game. Sadly, it's also rather short.